I'm running for the Drupal Association Board

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I decided to run for the Drupal Association Board. I believe I have a huge amount to give to the position and would like to ask the Drupal community to believe in me and #VoteDrupal on the 9th March. I will be available for questions during the Meet the Candidates sessions and you can ask me anything or show your support on my candidate page. I've included the information from my candidates page below:

About me:

Hey, I’m Adam. I have a track record of getting things done, innovating and bringing strong governance direction to the companies and organisations I am involved in. I would like to bring my experience to the board of the Drupal Association and represent the Drupal Community that I have loved being part of for the past 9 years.

When I installed Drupal 4.6 in 2006, it wasn’t long before I knew I’d found something special. Something often infuriating, shockingly ugly (back then!) and at times frustrating, but no doubt special. Being able to bring my ideas and the ideas of people a lot cleverer than me into fruition has kept me busy ever since.

I run the Drupal Agency Consult and Design based in the North East of England, with my business partner and our amazing staff. We give our staff as much time to contribute as possible, to get involved in the community and to learn as much as they can about how the open source philosophy can inspire and inform not just our work. I also run a non-profit organisation called CiviNet developing trans-national projects on education, culture and technology. I have a life-long interest in how technology is changing lives for the better, enabling people and communities to do things we only ever imagined and connecting us to new opportunities.

I love travelling and have spent a lot of time working in, visiting and learning from some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world through 6 years managing Global Voice, an innovative social enterprise based in the UK. As part of that work I co-ordinated the development of the first ever Euro-Mediterranean International Organisation with offices in 8 countries supporting the participation of youth from across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

I’m a seasoned trainer and non-formal educationalist and have trained 100’s of people on topics such as Drupal, Information Architecture and Communication Strategy while also covering themes like conflict resolution, social entrepreneurship and intercultural dialogue. Last year I was recognised as an official SALTO Trainer, leading a team of international trainers in Thessaloniki, Greece on "Youth Culture as Expression of Freedom".

I live with my girlfriend Ieva who has succumb to the Drupal “bug" - while not a developer per se, she has 3 patches in Drupal 8 which is a constant reminder that I have no excuse for not getting one yet!


If I could spread Drupal on my toast in the morning I probably would. I’ve got a lot of mad swag from DrupalCon’s and Camps over the years but I am yet to get anything I can put on my toast. You will be happy to hear my motivation to join the Drupal Association is not Drupal Jam related.

Over the last few years I believe the impact of the Drupal Association has grown dramatically - like almost everything to do with Drupal - and that has been great to see. The staff at the Association that I’ve met and worked with are amazing and the benefits like the developments on Drupal.org, the scale of DrupalCon and more support to regional Camps and communities are felt across the Drupal world.

If I was elected to the Drupal Association Board, I’m sure that I would find so many areas of the work that I could bring something to, but at this pre-election phase the three biggest perspectives I’d like to help drive forward would be:

Internationalisation. I believe the Association has made great strides on this in recent years, however I think there is so much more that can be done to ensure that this is a truly global organisation for a global community. I think that the development of a presence in other countries is great, but this can go much further - having fully resourced offices outside the US with staff with regional outreach and understanding. In addition, things like the translation of the Association website, marketing materials and ability to accept funding applications in different languages would represent a true shift to serving as many people as possible and grow the impact of Drupal further on a global scale.

Further support for small businesses. I think that more could be done to focus on small businesses and helping them to contribute to Drupal in a range of ways. Using some of the things we’ve learned in the rest of the Drupal community like mentor schemes, on-boarding and sprinting to the small business owners, marketeers and others would enable them to help their staff to start contributing or contribute more, while building a myriad of Drupal evangelists that will sell the benefits of our software and open source in general in an even more effective way.

Fundraising. In Europe there is considerable funding available for innovation and the advancement of science and technology through the European Commission, national programmes and institutions. There are many similar funds available in other areas of the world. I believe that the Drupal Association should be actively seeking this funding to drive forward the project and open source software in general while creating new partnerships and innovative strategies for community development.


I’m a significant contributor to the community in the following ways:

  • As the newest addition to the Drupal Community Working Group, I meet weekly with the other members to help uphold the Code of Conduct and support those who have community issues - a role which I am very honoured to actively participate in and feel passionately about. The governance aspect of the Drupal Community is a real passion of mine.
  • Providing my time at European DrupalCon events as the Volunteer Co-ordinator is a role I value hugely and since London I’ve had contact with hundreds of amazing Drupal community volunteers! This has also allowed me to meet and get to know some of the DA staff which has given me great insight into their roles and the great work that they do. I carried out this role in London, Munich, Prague and Amsterdam.
  • Co-ordinating my local user group for the last 4 years has been an important learning experience for me. As a region with very little Drupal coverage I organise the monthly meetup in the hope of helping my region develop in its adoption of open source, and particularly Drupal. I’m involved in planning DrupalCamp North in 2015.
  • Co-ordinating our first DrupalCamp North East in 2014 was a significant step in establishing our user group, while also bringing some of the community leaders to the area to inspire and teach people new to Drupal, and those with years of experience.
  • Providing free Drupal training to lecturers and staff in 4 of our local universities has been part of my commitment to getting Drupal into their curriculums to give students in our region the opportunity to work with the best CMS in the world. Drupal has now been adopted in 3 of those Universities with staff having been trained by myself - meaning 100’s more young people are now learning Drupal.
  • My company is a Founding Supporting Partner of the Drupal Association and despite our modest size we have been sponsoring different aspects of DrupalCon events since Munich. We currently sponsor the European DrupalCon Trivia Night.
  • Running regular Drupal Training Days in the region has resulted in me training over 60 charities, development shops and private companies in how to use Drupal.
  • I’ve attended and supported many DrupalCamps in the UK and across Europe.

In terms of my business and governance experience:

  • I have successfully run my own businesses and social enterprises since the age of 19 (17 years) and understand organisational development from the private, creative and voluntary sector perspectives.
  • I have developed multiple international networks and partnerships of profit and non-profit making organisations and worked on cross-sectorial projects for many years.
  • I have written funding bids for a range of projects on the regional, national and international levels raising six figure sums for organisations and projects in education, culture and technology.
  • I have worked with institutions such as the British Council, the UN, the European Commission and the Anna Lindh Foundation to support and develop trans-national programmes in Civil Society.

I’m really excited at the prospect of representing such a great community and having the chance to learn from the staff, board, advisory and partners of the Drupal Association. I commit to bringing my passion, energy, ideas and experience to the DA board to help take Drupal forward.

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I'm running for the Drupal Association Board

Submitted by admin on Mon, 02/23/2015 - 00:07

I decided to run for the Drupal Association Board. I believe I have a huge amount to give to the position and would like to ask the Drupal community to believe in me and #VoteDrupal on the 9th March. I will be available for questions during the Meet the Candidates sessions and you can ask me anything or show your support on my candidate page. I've included the information from my candidates page below: